Remedial Massage: Types, Techniques And Benefits

There are different types of massages for different body parts. But among all the massage techniques remedial massage is the best.

This is because it has a wide range of techniques that helps to cure the pain of all body parts. Here therapists only put pressure on those muscles that are tired or need attention.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss all the remedial messages so that you get a better solution to cure body pain.

So, without taking your precious time, let’s start the discussion.

What is Remedial Massage?

It is a complementary therapy that helps to treat damaged, tense, knotted, or immobile muscles. Remedial massage handles several issues that affect bones, tendons, and muscles.

It is also helpful in several extra health problems. To increase the speed of the body’s healing process this massage locates and repairs multiple damaged areas of the body.   

Depending on the problem the pressure in this healing treatment can become strong, gentle, shallow, or deep.

This is because muscles problem can trigger pain in the other parts of the body. The radial massage finds the real reason for the pain and cures the real reason with symptoms.  

Who is Remedial Massage for?

Remedial massage helps cure any type of muscle pain including

  • Preventing Injuries
  • Sports or other injuries
  • Neck, back pain, or shoulder
  • Manage side effects of diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • fatigue
  • Help with addiction rehabilitation
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Treat side effects of cancer
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis

What Does a Remedial Massage Involve?

Before the therapist starts the massage, they will ask you about your lifestyle and health. They will give you towels to cover your body when you lie down on the table or couch.

These towels will keep you warm and protect your privacy. For massaging, therapists use oil and creams as they keep the skin smooth. Therapists know almost all the body parts and the techniques to locate the damaged areas of the body and repair them.

They will penetrate the damaged muscles and cure the problem. If necessary, the therapists stretch the different parts of the body.

What are the Common Forms of Remedial Massage Therapy?

Following are the common forms of remedial massage therapy that help to reduce pain. So have a look.

1. Deep Tissue Massage

As the name says, deep tissue massage targets the body’s deeper tissue layers. This massage targets the deeper fascia layers.

Therefore, some called the deep tissue massage the Swedish massage. But both the massages have some noticeable differences.

The major benefit of this massage is that it helps to break up scar tissues that cause slowness in the recovery of an injury.

This massage provides oxygen. blood, and vital nutrients to the damaged areas. It also helps to remove toxins and inflammation that slow down the natural recovery process.

Deep tissue massage also helps people with chronic pain and bad posture. You can further resolve the following issues through deep tissue massage.

  • Tennis elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Poor posture
  • Back pain
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Mobility restrictions

2. Sports Massage

The second form of remedial massage therapy is sports massage. It prepares the body for exercise. It targets the body layers around the muscles.

Therapists assess functional movements, muscle imbalances, and posture in this massage that prevents injury. Some therapists also focus on the muscles that need attention and stretching for exercise.

Due to this, most people think it is only for sportspeople. But this is not true with athletes’ normal people can also take benefit of this massage.

That’s why if you walk, dance, run, swim, or do any kind of exercise then you can have this massage. It involves the manipulation of muscles and provides good feels to people.

The best part is that therapists will ask you about your health condition before starting the massage. So that they put the exact pressure on the tissues as required.

3. Swedish Massage

It is the most common form of remedial massage therapy and finds almost in every corner of the world. The major difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage is that deep tissue massage focus on the deep tissues.

While Swedish massage is a gentle massage and helps to relax the body instead of revealing pain from the specific areas.

4. Hot Stone Massage

In the hot stone massage, smooth stones are heated to a specific temperature and place on the body. The therapist will move the stones along lines in the body in general strokes.

They apply extra pressure on the stones if necessary. The warm temperature of the stones helps to calm and relax the body. These stones can be placed along

  • Stomach
  • Spine
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Feet

The therapists use the same Swedish massage technique to stroke the stones. People who want to relax their tired muscles go for the hot stone massage instead of the sports or deep tissue massage.

5. Reflexology

It is also a form of remedial massage and instead of other massages, it focuses on the feet and hands. It is different from a foot or hand massage.

This type of massage focus on the pressure points on the feet and hands that can affect the other parts of the body.

6. Indian Head Massage

To release the tension in the neck, head, and shoulders people go for an Indian head massage. It is the favorite type of remedial massage therapy because it calms the body.

Usually, due to lack of sleep, stress, and office work tension goes upwards and causes headaches. To remove headaches, a therapeutic technique is used.

The reason is that in this technique pressure is put in a circle on the scalp. While the deep tissue massage works on the shoulders and neck to release tension stretches.

For better results, high-quality oils are used on the back, shoulders, and neck. But this oil is not put on the hair so that after the massage you do not need to wash your hair.

All these techniques help to give maximum benefits to the person that is sitting on the couch or table. Here we mention the best benefits of the head massage so have a look.

  • Stress relief
  • Hair follicile stimulation
  • Lymphatic system stimulation
  • Migraine relief

7. Thai Massage

As compared to the other massage types Thai massage technique is different. Here therapists use slow and rhythmic movements to relieve tension and enhance flexibility.

Thai massage looks like yoga where someone else will put your body into different positions. You can also select a position for your body.

You can have this massage while wearing clothes. Therapists usually ask for loose clothes. In this massage, oils are not used.

You will use your weight to release muscle knots and stretch limbs. To limber up the body therapists sit on your back while stretching the shoulders arms by pulling shoulders backward.

There are multiple types of remedial massage therapy that we did not mention. This is because they are not very effective. But you try other types to see which massage type suits you.     

What Are the Benefits of Remedial Massage?

There are many benefits of remedial massage. But here we mention the best benefits that help your body to relax. Have a look.

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Deep Relaxation

Stress and anxiety become common these days due to a lot of work. People are focusing on building their future instead of their personal development.

Due to this, they do not get satisfaction and this situation turns into anxiety and stress. Also, according to the research, there is a huge population that is suffering from these situations.

But this is not a problem anymore. People take medicines to relieve stress. There is a natural way to do that. You can relieve stress and anxiety by using the remedial massage.

This massage triggers the tired muscles of the body and cures all the issues that cause problems in the body. It also helps in reducing muscle tension and promotes a sense of calmness and general well-being.

2. Stimulate Blood Supply

Blood circulation is important for the body as it keeps all the functions active and progresses the body. A healthy blood flow increases joint mobility and repairs damaged tissues.

You can easily stimulate the blood supply in the body through remedial massages. These massages make the joints more mobile and focus on the damaged parts of the body.

There are some special techniques in the remedial massages that help to enhance blood circulation. They focus on the congested areas that need proper blood flow.

So that each part of the body can have the same blood pressure level. Through this, you can enhance the production of new active and healthy muscles in the body.

Due to this benefit remedial massages are best for people who have a high blood pressure problem.

3. Alleviate and Reduce Recurrent Pains

The body is a composition of multiple parts and due to any reason pain can occur in any part of the body. Therefore, most people suffer from headaches, lower backaches, and tight shoulders.

These are common problems are people are fighting to remove these pains from the body. But do not get a permanent solution even after using the best medicines.

The fact of the remedial massage that we like is that it does focus to remove the pain for some time. It locates the main reason that is causing the problem and cures it permanently.

Therefore, people go for remedial massages when they feel a little discomfort in the body. You can remove the discomfort from the body and all the major body parts pain.

4. Helps to Improve Posture

Body posture can get displaced easily by sitting on the computer for a long time, wrong workstation setup, and short of physical exercise.

Through massage, you can lose the muscles in the shoulders, neck, and lower back. All the pain in these parts causes a problem in achieving a good posture.

Furthermore, pain in these areas also adds stress to the body and takes away all the balance. Due to these problems, the body has lumbar issues but by remedial massage therapy, it is possible to cure all problems.

5. Improve Sleep

Good sleep is all that people want to stay healthy and remove all the stress. But some people cannot have a good sleep due to insomnia.

This problem can be caused easily due to stress, work schedules, anxiety, and worry. Due to insomnia, you cannot keep your body calm and face multiple negative effects.

But do not worry with a good massage you can resolve these problems. A good massage relaxes the body muscles and removes tiredness.

When your muscles get relaxed your mind will get free and your body becomes able to rest. After the massage, you have a peaceful sleep and save your body from multiple health issues.

Wrapping It All Up!

To cure muscle tension and body pain it is necessary to select the right message type. You should go for the remedial massage because of its huge range.

It almost covers all parts of the body that can lead to major problems. Here we have discussed all the best massaging forms of remedial therapy.

So that you will get to know how advanced and efficient this technique is. Due to its high popularity, you can have this massage anywhere easily.

Make sure that before starting the massage therapist consult your health as it is an important step. In this way, he can put pressure on the specific areas that need help.

The other reason is that putting pressure on the normal areas that do not massage can damage the active muscles. This can further cause pain in the body and the pain-causing muscles do not get any attention.

So, select an experienced therapist to get the remedial massage and save your body. Also, select the right massaging type to cure the pain in a short time.

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