The Benefits of Meridian Massage And How Is Performed

Do you ever feel like you can trace back your muscle pain to a specific moment? Maybe it was from waiting in that extra-long line getting last-minute presents. Or from that late-night shift at work sitting in those stiff office chairs. Just like you, I searched for a long-lasting solution to the problem and discovered the wonders of Meridian massage therapy.

Meridian massage gets its name from the channels that form a network in your body. The energy that flows within the vital networks is known as Qi and connects the body’s acupuncture site. 

Essentially, Meridian massage therapy is acupressure designed to restore the flow of Qi through the expert use of pressure, at very specific points along the lines known as meridian. 

It is believed that when the Qi lines are blocked you can suffer from pains and illnesses which is why meridian massage therapy is the perfect remedy for you especially if you’re suffering from a sports injury. 

Continue reading to discover the many other benefits of Meridian massage therapy.

Benefits of Meridian Massage Therapy

There are similarities between Meridian massage therapy and acupressure. However, Meridian Massage also uses self-care practices and lifestyle adjustments that differentiate it from the other form of massage therapy.

When these two practices are combined to create Meridian massage, the beneficial aspects to be gained include heightened mental wellness, easing of body pain, and a surge in renewed energy. Here are some medically reviewed benefits of Meridian Massage Therapy.

Relief From Dental Pain

Dental pain can be one of the worst sources of ailments, so it’s good to know that if modern medicine isn’t doing enough to help, holistic approaches have been approved by studies.

In 2014 a study was conducted upon patients suffering from dental pain. The results were highly promising, as out of 60 of the participants, 46 of them were glad to report they felt relief from the pain after using self-administered therapy along the meridian lines. Even better, fewer people who were among the placebo group reported feeling lasting relief from the pain received from dental procedures. 

Relief From Frequent Headaches

If you’re constantly rubbing your head in agony and suffering from long-term headaches, it may be a good idea to turn to Meridian massage therapy. In a study conducted in 2016, it was found that Meridian massage therapy could be responsible for the decrease of frequent headaches. The researchers caution however that there may have been a bias due to the lack of a placebo group risk. 

Sleep can be difficult for many, especially if you’re not used to properly unwinding before bed by reading a book, doing some reflecting, or meditating. Meridian massage therapy can provide ample relief for those suffering from sleep-related issues through the relaxation it provides.

Additionally, in 2015 there is research that suggests that there is a link between acupressure treatment along meridian lines and an increase in quality sleep for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Though the study did suffer from a smaller sample size, the links between Meridian massage and sleep can still be seen. 

How a Meridian Massage Is Performed

As mentioned, Meridian massage therapy can be described as a mixture of acupressure, and lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes aid in the betterment of your health and overall well-being.

A practitioner may discuss the practices that you can implement into your everyday routine that will further enhance the effects of the Meridian massage.

Lifestyle Changes

All of the self-care practices promoted by Meridian massage therapy aid in the advancements of Qi being dispersed throughout the right channels in your body. For example, it may be encouraged to turn off all devices for an hour before bed. Especially if you’re prone to insomnia or find it difficult to fall asleep. 

This free time can be used for meditation instead, introspection, or practicing gratitude. It’s also believed that this free time can act as a cushion between external stimuli so you can turn your attention towards falling asleep. 

Before the Massage

You can expect to divulge your health history with your practitioner so they are up to date about any health conditions you may have as well as other lifestyle habits. These can include your diet, sleep cycle, appetite, and stress habits. 

During your visit, there may be other investigations into your health. It is believed by Chinese medicine that your tongue and pulse is an indicators of your health and your organ systems meridians. Because of this, these will likely be checked.

During the Massage

The massage is deeply relaxing and causes ease of tension in your muscles and throughout your body. The massage is performed by the practitioner using their elbows and hands and pressing them into your body. 

This is to aid the body to increase or disperse pressure at different points throughout the system. This Chinese medicine theory is predicated upon the belief that the body has properties with the ability to heal itself, and that through this form of alternative traditional medicine, these properties are restored, rejuvenated, and enhanced through touch therapy. 

It is a healing practice wherein the masseuse will massage certain meridian lines to provide relief for you by opening up the pathways. The flow of blood is also encouraged especially if one has suffered from an injury. The movements will often clear away acids and deposits as the masseuse will be pressing into the skin, as well as stretching it.

Some therapists will use reflex actions through these nerve pathways so may clear a stomach ache by massaging your arms, and may alleviate a headache by massaging under your knees.

Will It Hurt?

There are no needles used in Meridian massage therapy. There is pressure added using the palm or elbow on certain parts of the body.

Only a slight ache is encouraged, light tingling, numbing sensations which are seen as the results of a successful session may be encouraged and sensitive areas such as your face may feel a little sore but shouldn’t be overly painful.

Tell your practitioner if you feel pain at any point in the massage.

If you are pregnant, it is not recommended that meridian massage therapy be performed on your abdomen, certain points of the leg, or the lower back. It is always important to talk to your healthcare provider before having the massage performed.


While there are many advantages to Meridian massage therapy, there are also some risks that can occur that everyone should be aware of before booking a session.

You must know that your masseuse is licensed and certified to carry the meridian massage therapy. 

It’s important that if you’re suffering from cancer, arthritis, heart disease, or a chronic condition you talk to your health provider if you’re thinking of having this therapy performed. There are certain cases where deep tissue work should be avoided.

If you are pregnant, it is not recommended that meridian massage therapy be performed on your abdomen, certain points of the leg, or the lower back. It is always important to talk to your healthcare provider before having the massage performed.


Meridian massage therapy is certainly a holistic form of medicine that is more than worth a try to alleviate health symptoms. Massage therapy in itself has been proven to help you get better rest, feel more energized, and increase mental stability. 

However, you should always be aware of the risks associated with these types of therapies and always alert your masseuse if you feel discomfort and pain.