Asian Foot Reflexology Technique For Foot Relaxation

At the end of a hectic day, if you go for a foot massage, then you will feel relieved at last. Foot massage can give you the desired relaxation and also will remove any muscle aches. There are several ways of foot relaxation and you can adopt any of those based on your convenience. But, after the massage, you are bound to feel differently and will give you a good feeling altogether.

Foot Relaxation Techniques

If you go for a foot massage to have ultimate relaxation, then there are a couple of ways to do so. Here are those:

  • Warmup Twist
  • Arch Rub
  • Toe Bend
  • Foot Spread
  • Heel Squeeze
  • Fist Work
  • Thumb Work
  • Pressure Point
  • Achilles Massage
  • Toe Massage

Foot Massage & Reflexology

If you talk about Asian foot reflexology, then it is a bit different from foot massage. Reflexology is an alternative therapy involving giving pressure on the specific areas of the foot. It is not the same as a regular foot massage and involves expert hands to do so. Experts believe that giving pressure on the foot can heal several problems. It is soothing, is often called a form of foot massage. Both might look similar but there are substantial differences. In massage therapy, the tissues are manipulated for relaxing the muscle. It gives a tension-free mind and improves blood circulation. Reflexology is a rather target-oriented approach where massage is given on certain pressure points. It helps a smooth energy flow throughout the body. Generally, reflexology involves foot massage.

What is Asian Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is one of the most popular massage types. Apart from its feel-good effect, it works deeply into the muscles. There are some movements like pulling on the toes, kneading the fleshy ball of the foot, pushing deep into the arch that is truly helpful to give you a relaxed feel. But there is a method of doing that. There are specific areas on your foot where these to be done.

Foot reflexology is a century-old practice and it gives good results if applied diligently. You need to know what are the pressure points and how much pressure you have to give in those areas. As every part of your foot is related to any of the healing, hence massage for the entire foot is recommended as a part of the foot relaxation process. All you have to do is stimulate those points and it will start working in its way. Reflexology works with the central nervous system. By applying pressure, nerve centers are stimulated and specific organs start responding. The foot is divided into different zones and each specific zone represents a particular place of your body.

Reflexology Areas and related body parts

Let’s check what are the body organs or areas are related to the foot relaxation options:

  • Brain
  • Pituitary
  • Sinus
  • Lungs
  • Shoulder
  • Thumbs
  • Liver
  • Abdominal Glands
  • Gall Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Colon
  • Small Intestine
  • Pelvis
  • Appendix

Although there are several pressure points on the foot, generally, the left foot stimulates the left side of the body and the right foot takes care of the right part of a human body.

Advantages of Foot Relaxation

Foot relaxation in the form of Asian foot reflexology has multiple benefits. It can cure your stomach or sinus or even headache issues within a short time. Reflexology can clear the channels of blocked energy. Overall, it helps a lot for a good balance in your body.

We hardly use our muscles of the foot properly. That leads to poor blood circulation in the feet. Wearing closed or tight shoes and high heel shoes are responsible for smooth blood circulation. Reflexology improves blood circulation by transferring oxygen to the cells wherever required. This is an essential part and it keeps one fit. after an entire day of standing or walking, a foot massage gives a superb relief. It helps you to have a sound sleep also. Foot reflexology removes pain also from your body along with removing depression from your mind. Your body will be fit and your mind will be fresh.

It is beneficial in:

  • Energy balance
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Overall healing
  • Immunity system boosting
  • Cleaning the body by removing toxins
  • Respiratory system improvement
  • Less pain in spine and shoulder area
  • Treatment of the liver disorder

Process of Foot Relaxation Treatment

Normally, it takes half an hour to one hour for a session. The reflexologist will be available and he will give you a clear idea. Don’t forget to discuss with him the issues like headache, tension, constipation, etc. During the session, you will be either in seating mode or have to lie down. A reflexologist will rub and press on certain points on your feet. There are certain areas specified for certain healing. For example, if you have pelvic trouble, then the pressure will be on the heel area. Although the therapist may work with the entire foot for your relaxation and cure. It will help you to be fit and relaxed in every aspect.

Things to Remember

Certain things need to keep in mind while having foot relaxation options. Those are:

  • You must take food at least after one hour once the massage is complete
  • If you are a pregnant lady, then ask your doctor before going for reflexology treatment
  • You should drink ample water to eliminate lactic acid and toxins from your body
  • If you have any foot-related problem or any injury at the foot or any other disease related to the foot, do consult your doctor first.

Nowadays, we are becoming too much dependent on medicine. Whenever any disease is detected, we are starting to intake medicine without thinking. This will not help us in the long run. Any ailment, it can be cured naturally, is best. It will not have any side effects and will produce long-term benefits. Foot relaxation is one of such which will not only give comfort and relaxation but also will help you a lot in recovering from several diseases. Asian foot reflexology is the best solution in such cases.

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