What Is Oriental Massage And What is Difference?

Oriental massage is the most famous massage type all over the world. This is because the techniques of oriental massages are efficient and have a huge variety. 

There is no fixed technique through which people do oriental massage. Each therapist uses ancient knowledge and technique to reduce muscle tension.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss basic Oriental massage and how it benefits people. So, let’s start the discussion right at the moment.

What Is an Oriental Massage?

Oriental massage is also known as Asian massage. It is a type of massage therapy that helps to relieve pain and tension in muscles by applying strategic pressure.

The main difference between standard muscle massage and oriental massage is the process. Indeed, all massages are made to relieve stress from muscles and enhance the healing process.

But the massages that come under the banner of Oriental massage focus on Eastern theories about human energy and use specific medicine to relieve stress.

Oriental massage includes the use of earth elements, specific oils, and plants that help in healing. The therapists also focus on the holistic approach to improve health.

These oriental massages are made to heal the entire body and relieve muscle tension. Different therapists have different techniques and philosophies about these massages.

Therefore, there is no specific way or set of rules to do this massage. If you have any theory in mind about massage do not feel shy to implement it in oriental massage.

What Makes a Massage “Oriental”

The term Oriental includes all the things that are implemented in Asia. When oriental comes to massage it has quite a huge variety.

In most cases, people use the same ancient Eastern procedures and treatments to improve health and cure pain.

These philosophical theories and treatments make oriental massages different from others. The ancient ways cure muscle stiffness and enhance muscle energy by rubbing the specific body part with hands in a circular motion.

During rubbing the energy is released from the hands and relaxes muscles. The hand movement sequences can be different according to muscles’ pain and location. Therefore, they help in better blood circulation and are considered better.

Types of Oriental Massages

Traditional oriental massage therapists use their thumbs, hands, forearms, and elbows to reduce muscle tension.

The therapists sometimes also use their feet to remove stress in muscles. According to the idea of oriental massage, energy moves through the body along predictable pathways or lines which are known as sens.

To enhance the blood flow in a short time, therapists move the body of clients into yoga-like positions. In addition, practitioners rock and pull bodies in multiple ways that show oriental massage is a combination of movement, stretching, and pressure.

This combination makes a difference between oriental massage and other massages. So if you are looking for a massage that makes your body active then Oriental massage is the best option for you.

Here instead of lying all-time in the massage, you can actively participate in it. There are different forms of oriental massages that people follow.

In this section, we will discuss all these massaging types with you. So that you can select the right type of body massage for your body. Have a look.

1. Chi Massage

This type of oriental massage originated in the Far East and uses the theories of Chinese medicine with a concept of core energy that is known as chi.

The energy flows throughout the body. The chi massage focuses on the tender parts of the body and massages them with thumbs, fingers, and palms using some massaging oils.

2. Thai Therapy

As the name says, Thai therapy originated in Thailand by Buddhist monks. Thai forms of massage use stretching and breathing techniques. It is sometimes called lazy yoga.

This is because people do not have to transform their bodies into different yoga positions. The therapists help clients to mold their bodies and massage in these yoga positions.

Thai massage affects the nervous system and balances the energy flow in the body. Due to this, the body gets more harmonized and the mind becomes peaceful.

The best part of this massage is that it makes the body flexible and helps people to perform multiple duties.

3. Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage comes from Japan. This massage type is similar to Chinese acupuncture. The main difference is that instead of using needles the therapists use fingertips in Shiatsu massage to exert pressure.

In this massaging technique, deep breathing is an important factor. Through this massage, people can boost their immune systems.

Moreover, with daily massage patients can have better reproductive functions and digestion.

The other benefit of consistent Shiatsu massage is that it helps to correct the body posture. You can also have a peaceful mind with a regular shiatsu massage.

4. Indonesian and Javanese Massage

Therapists use hands and knuckles to do the Indonesian-Javanese massage. This type of massage is famous among people that suffer from muscle tension and backaches.

This is because it helps to relieve pain from these body parts. But the use of knuckles and hands can make the process painful for people who are not used to it.

However, this massage provides the same benefits that the Shiatsu and Thai massage provide.

Are Oriental Massages Good for You?

No matter which massaging technique people experience, they will benefit from oriental massage.

To relieve pain people can have Shiatsu, Thai therapy, and chi massage. The people who go for Thai therapy will get better flexibility in the body.

Their body will also get harmonized and their mind gets relaxed. While the shiatsu massage has a wide range.

It works to improve multiple functions of the body such as a better immune system, digestion, and reproductive system.

In addition, both Indonesian and Javanese massage helps to relieve body pain and aches using knuckles and hands.

But the thing to remember is that each massage has its benefits and works differently on different bodies. Your body can take time to get better with the massage.

So do not put extra force on the body with massage. Have a regular massage every day for a limited time and relax.

With consistent massage, your body will feel changes. But with extra massage, you can damage the muscles of your body.

So before getting a massage do not forget to consult your doctor. This is because they will tell you the appropriate time of massage that your body needs.

What is so different about Oriental Massage?

Oriental massage is different from other massages because it is a part of holistic healing therapies.

This type of massage is practiced in the east and inspires people who love the combination of pressure and massage on different parts of the body.

The oriental massage brings peace to the mind and relaxes the tired muscles of the body. In addition, there are multiple benefits of having an oriental massage.

So have a look at these benefits and see why you should consider an oriental massage to heal your body.

1. Cure Headaches

Headaches may sound like a simple problem but they are not that simple. A minor headache can belong to deep issues in the body. 

Therefore, due to small headaches people can not pay interest in their work and feel tired all the time. But with the traditional oriental massage, you can relieve headaches and all the symptoms that cause migraine.

This is because this massage relieves tension from the muscles. Also, researchers found that massage reduces the intensity of pain.

With a one-time massage, people notice a good change in their behavior and pain. People can resume their work and focus on it until the pain hits back. 

In case of extreme pain, it is recommended to continue the massage for 15 weeks or more to cure the problem. 

You can also take medicine to cure pain. But this is not a good solution because many people are allergic to the medicine and can not eat it in case of poor health.

Also, medicine costs a lot of money. To completely cure the problem people have to take the medicine for several weeks. 

In this situation, massage is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution that people should consider.

2. Reduces back pain

In scientific terms, back pain is known as non-pharmaceutical. By having an oriental massage it becomes easy to reduce back pain.

In addition to back pain, people can cure all the problems that happen in the back. This is because an oriental massage puts slight pressure on the specific area and generates energy.

This energy relieves tension from the muscles and makes them calm. Due to this, the body feels relaxed and people can focus on their work.

3. Relieves joint stiffness and pain

Due to joint stiffness, people feel it is difficult to move their bodies. They even feel pain when they even walk or lift something.

Some authentic research shows that an oriental massage is mixed with multiple exercises to cure people with knee arthritis.

Due to these messages, people can properly do their work or feel less pain or no pain at all when they walk.

4. Increases flexibility and range of motion

A flexible body is something that athletes need. This is because with a flexible body they can easily stretch the body and keep it in motion.

Their performance in the game depends on how flexible their body is. But due to fewer activities, the body does not remain flexible.

Thanks to the oriental massages that make it easy for people to get a flexible body. With the massage, gentle pressure is applied to the body that enhances the circulation of blood.

Due to normal blood circulation muscles feel relaxed and you can do any activity with your body.

5. Eases anxiety

Anxiety takes away all the focus of the mind and does not allow people to do their work. But oriental massages can calm the mind and relax all parts of the body.

An oriental massage is an energetic form of massage therapy as it allows the body to perform all the work efficiently.

Through this massage, you can make your mind calm and remove anxiety. Also, according to the studies, oriental massage benefits people by reducing all the symptoms that cause headaches, anxiety, and stress.

6. Revives energy

The oriental massage is the energetic massage. This is because people participate in the massage instead of lying on the bed.

People have to transform their bodies into multiple yoga positions. Then therapists massage their bodies by using multiple oils and processes.

Due to this massage, energy is released in the body which makes all body parts active. This released energy not only releases pain from the body. But also allow people to actively participate in all activities.

Wrapping It All Up!

As compared to medicine massages help the body in efficient ways. First, there are no internal infections and reactions that medicines cause.

Also, you do not have to take care of the medicine amount. To get a massage you can consult the nearest massaging center.

You can also select the oils with which you want to massage your body. But having the right type of massage is necessary to relieve body pain and enhance energy in the body.

Try the different oriental massage forms and select the one that benefits you. Then continue to do the massage for a specific time until you do not get permanent results.

Indeed, massages take time but their results are permanent. So do not leave the massage halfway.

This is because you will not get permanent benefits from the massage that you do not follow for the desired time.

Your body will feel relaxed and energetic at the moment. But after some time the pain will start again and you can not focus on any work.

So follow all the instructions while getting an oriental massage and get a healthy body to enjoy life.

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